Update – 10/20/2020

Significant progress has been made in Building B. As floors in rooms are completed, custodial/maintenance crews are cleaning and moving furniture. Furniture is almost finished in all of the classrooms with adjustments being made by teachers and district staff over the coming days. Wireless access points and new phones are being installed throughout the building. […]

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Update – 10/2/2020

Below are photos of some of the interior work being completed in the Middle/High School over the past few weeks. With many of the learning spaces ready, work is continuing with the building addition, elevators, and on finishing touches throughout the building.

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Update – 9/25/2020

Finishing touches for many classrooms are underway. As rooms are completed, the Brentwood Maintenance Department is doing final cleaning and movement of teacher materials. Some updates taking place now include: Tack boards for Art Room Temporary walkway to cafeteria to provide an additional route Sink tops in new restrooms Corridor outside of large gym is […]

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Update – 9/8/2020

As we enter September, there have been several major updates to the completion of rooms in Building A. With the exception of some sinks and plumbing, there is substantial completion in this portion of the building. In Building B, priorities include the Nurse’s Station and Guidance Office. Upstairs rooms need flooring and ceiling grid to […]

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K&S Construction Schedule Update

During the August 18, 2020 Board of Education meeting, the president of K&S Construction provided a schedule update for the remainder of the Middle/High School construction project. You can view the entire Board Meeting on our YouTube channel at bit.ly/bsdyoutube. Below is a copy of the revised schedule. A PDF of the schedule is available […]

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Update – 8/14/2020

On Tuesday, August 18th, the Construction Team from K&S will present an update to the Board of Education during their meeting at 7:00 PM in the conference center. A recording of the meeting will be available within 48 hours of the meeting date on our YouTube channel at bit.ly/bsdyoutube. Crews have continued work throughout the […]

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Update – 7/27/2020

Construction is continuing with a focus on preparing student learning areas in preparation for students’ return in the Fall. Here is an overview of the timeline for the remainder of the summer into the fall: Classrooms, with one or two exceptions, will be complete by the end of August 2020. The new addition with commons […]

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Prop E Timeline

The planning process for Proposition E and the updates to Elementary and Early Childhood facilities is underway! Soon, the Board of Education will be selecting members of the Elementary Facilities Planning Committee. The Elementary Facilities Planning Committee will work with the Board of Education and district leadership to help guide the design process of updated […]

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