Prop B Timeline (Summer 2021)

With a majority of the project completed, the final areas of the Middle/High School construction project are scheduled to be finalized during Summer 2021. The areas listed below are what remains of the project to be completed. Anything not listed here has been turned over to the district and is in use or in the hands of the district’s facilities and maintenance crews.

B Building Update

  • Lobby Addition (End of May Completion)
  • Main Building Addition
    • Level 2 (End of May)
    • Level 1 (June)
    • Lower Level (June)
  • Multipurpose Room (August)
    • Includes current temporary library space
  • Lower Level (June)
    • Conference/Meeting Rooms and Corridor Connector


  • #2 – B Building
    • Elevator Company Complete
    • Punch-list work ongoing
    • Expected completion in June
  • #3 – B/C Building
    • Foundations are complete
    • Waterproofing foundation walls
    • CMU at shaft to start next week
    • Expected completion at the end of July


  • B Building
    • ADA Switchback ramp walls are complete – paving to take place next
    • Circle drive south lane is cut to subgrade
    • Sidewalks and stairs are being prepped and poured
    • Parking pavers to begin in June
    • Anticipated completion in July
  • B Courtyard
    • Complete

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