Phase II Update September 2021

Project Schedule Update

  • Early Site Work is Complete
  • Building Contractor Mobilized
  • Site Survey and Staking
  • Footings/Foundation Begin week of 9/20/21

Substantial Completion Estimate: Winter 2022

Outstanding Submittals & RFI’s

The following RFI’s are Outstanding:

  • Roof Sheathing
  • Storm Shelter Louvers
  • Aluminum Feeders

Critical Submittals:

  • Tilt Concrete Shops
  • Plumbing Valves
  • Domestic Water Piping Specialties
  • Storm Drainage Piping Specialties

Owner Hot List / Risks

Schedule Risks

  • Unforeseen Conditions
  • Potential Material Delivery Delays
  • Weather
  • Potential Labor Shortage

Budget Risks

  • Unforeseen Conditions

Contingency / Allowances

Original Contingency:$755, 200
Contingency Spent:$0
Anticipated Changes:$0
Anticipated Contingency Remaining:$755,200
Unknown Conditions Allowance
Original Allowance$100,000
Remaining Allowance$100,000
*Anticipated changes are being tracked and discussed in bi-weekly OAC meetings.

McGrath/BECC Construction Contract

Original Contract:$15,104,000
Changes to Date:$0
Current Contract:$15,104,000

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