PHASE II UPdate February 2022

Project Schedule Update

February Updates

  • Slab Poured Area C
  • MEPFP Rough-Ins
  • Masonry Block Areas A & C
  • Steel Erection
  • Exterior Wall Framing and Sheathing Areas A/B
  •  Roof Truss Installation Area A
  • Site Utilities

Substantial Completion Estimate: Winter 2022

The following RFI’s are Outstanding:

  • Plumbing Clarifications
  • Lugs at Panel H1S
  • Cleanouts Area B 2nd Floor
  • AV Supply Chain Substitution

Critical Submittals:

  • Roofing Submittals
  • Glazing Submittals
  • Flooring Submittals
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Roller Shad Submittals
  • Ductwork Submittals

Schedule Risks

  • Unforeseen Conditions
  • Potential Material Delivery Delays
  • Weather
  • Potential Labor Shortage

Budget Risks

  • Unforeseen Conditions

Contingency Budget

Original Contingency:  $755,200 

Contingency Spent: $68,234

Anticipated Changes: $77,852

Anticipated Contingency Remaining:   $609,114

*Anticipated changes are being tracked and discussed in bi-weekly OAC meetings.

Unknown Conditions Allowance

Original Allowance: $100,000

Remaining Allowance: $91,133

Construction Contract

McGrath Early Site Work (Completed Work)

L. Keeley Construction Original Contract: $1,228,264

Total CO’s (x2): ($14,043)

Current Contract: $1,214,221

Projected Contract: $1,214,221

Total Projected Savings Against Bond: $14,043

McGrath Building (Work In Progress)

ICS Construction Original Contract: $15,104,000

Changes to Date: $68,234 (*thru CO #2) Current Contract: $15,172,234

Projected Spent Contingency: $200,000

Projected Contract: $15,372,234

Total Projected Savings Against Bond: $500,000


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