Prop B Update – 6/17/2021


Elevator 2 (June 2021)

– Floor transitions, paint front, schedule Schindler for final inspection TBD.

Elevator 3 (July/August 2021) 

– Masonry work started this week.

Building B Update

  • Lobby Expansion and Admin Offices (June 2021)
    • Punch week happening this week
    • Color Art End of June
  • Lower Level Meeting/Staff Rooms (April 2021)
    • Color Art furniture possibly next week
  • Multipurpose (August 2021)
    • Painting continues.

Building B Expansion Update

  • Lower Level (June 2021)
    • Floor install start 6/21
  • Level 1 (June 2021)
    • MEPFP Trim Out.
    • Column Wraps.
    • Flooring Started this week.
  • Level 2 (June 2021)
    • Furniture Move-In Started

Site Update (July/August 2021)

  • South Paver Area start pavers today!
  • Pouring sidewalks and curbs throughout.
  • Water/Gas Line discovered 6/7 at northwest side impacting west paver section. Gas line will be abandoned, and water will be lowered approximately 3.5’ to accommodate.

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