Prop B Update – 4/30/2021


Elevator 2 (May 2021)

  • JDS to complete masonry returns today, drywall complete with MEPFP next week.

Elevator 3 (July 2021) 

  • Masonry today, waterproofing next week and demo of retaining wall and backfill to follow.

Building B Update

  • Lobby Expansion (May 2021)
    • MEPFP Trim started this week.
  • Lower Level Meeting/Staff Rooms (April 2021)
    • Downspout and then floor leveling.
  • Level 1 Office/Admin Rooms (May 2021)
    • MEPFP trimming taking place.
    • Storefront glass going in next week.
    • LVT2 Material for Admin area was delayed, pushing this space into May.
  • Multipurpose
    • Library pack up week of May 17th w/ goal to be moved out by 5/24.
    • Demo to start week of right after, no earlier than 5/27.

Building B Expansion Update

  • Courtyard One opening to be bricked up.
  • Lower Level (June 2021)
    • Staat completed sump installation yesterday. Final electrical connections remain.
  • Level 1 (June 2021)
    • Drywall taping and MEPFP
  • Level 2 (May 2021)
    • Ceiling Grid started.
    • Nano folding glass wall completed.
    • MEPFP Trim Out.
  • Pop-Up (May 2021)
    • Above Ceiling MEPFP.

Site Update (June 2021)

  • Site Coordination Meeting happened Tuesday of this week.
  • Backfill for the switch-back ramp will take place after the next site coordination meeting.
  • Ramp for lobby wall was poured and forms stripped.

Breezeway Doors

  • Hardware ordered – Delivery/Install date pending from K&S

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