Update – 11/19/2020

A Building

  • Class is in session
  • Gym is open for classes
  • Auditorium lighting and carpeting being installed. To be completed 11/24.
  • “Pop Up” area demolition underway. Mason starting walls 11/20.

B Building

  • Building Addition
    • Lobby and Offices – March 3
      • Corridor turned over to BSD December 11
    • Main Addition – January 15
  • 3rd Floor – Turned over
  • 2nd floor
    • Business Room November 24
    • Remainder turned over
  • 1st Floor
    • Rooms at bottom of main stairs – December 3 – Existing foundations waterproofed to prevent leaks
  • Structural changes in offices underway
    • Steel set November 17

C Building

Turned over to the district with students holding classes in the building!


“A” Building

  • Job trailers are off site
  • Canopy demolition complete
  • Site demo starting 11/20
  • Sod weather pending first week of December

“B” Building

  • Site grading contactor starting work after “A” area completed
  • Elevator 3 excavation beginning 11/30

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