Update – 7/27/2020

Construction is continuing with a focus on preparing student learning areas in preparation for students’ return in the Fall.

Here is an overview of the timeline for the remainder of the summer into the fall:

  • Classrooms, with one or two exceptions, will be complete by the end of August 2020.
  • The new addition with commons and library is slated for completion in Fall, likely September or October 2020.
  • The middle and high School offices will be completed by October 2020.
  • Landscaping will be one of the final touches and is expected to be complete by November 2020.
  • New elevators will be completed by November 2020.

In the middle school building, the construction team is starting on the finishing activities on classrooms.

In the auditorium, seats are scheduled to arrive at the end of July and installation will begin as soon as the delivery is made.

Additionally, work on the gym roof has begun and will help bring some of the behind the scenes work together.

For the latest news, information, and updates, follow Brentwood School District on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit www.brentwoodmoschools.org.

Gym room work - 7/27/2020
Gym room work – 7/27/2020

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