Prop B Updated Timeline 7/10/2020

We are excited to welcome students back to a new school year in August! Most classrooms and other learning spaces will be ready for students once school begins and we are excited to have our students and staff occupy their new spaces soon. Some pieces of the project will extend later into the fall as we navigate the challenges of renovating a historic building during a global pandemic, but students and staff will have the experience of starting the school year in new classrooms. For a comprehensive list of date projections, please see the updated Project Timeline by clicking here.

Prop B Project Timeline
Updated Project Timeline

Here is an overview of the timeline for the remainder of the summer into the fall:

  • Classrooms, with one or two exceptions, will be complete by August 2020
  • The new addition with commons and library is slated for completion in Fall, likely September or October 2020
  • The middle and high School offices will be completed by October 2020
  • Landscaping will be one of the final touches and is expected to be complete by November 2020
  • New elevators will be completed by November 2020

Because the new construction is scheduled to be completed after the start of school, students and families can expect to continue using the existing entrances at the start of the school year. Many of the final touches will be for the exterior of the building, so while it may still look like a construction zone on the outside, the interior learning spaces will be new and welcoming. 
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