Prop E Passes for Elementary Facilities

Thank you, Brentwood Community

On June 2nd, voters in the Brentwood School District came together in support of Proposition E, a $29 million bond issue for the district’s elementary and early childhood facilities. Garnering over 65% of the vote, Prop E is the latest example of members of the Brentwood community coming together in support of their public schools. 

“I am grateful to this community for being invested in the future of our children,” said Dr. Brian Lane, Superintendent of Brentwood School District. “Together, we solved some of our major differences in uncertain times in order to put our focus where it should be: on our students.” 

Proposition E was on the ballot during incredibly uncertain times. The original election date was postponed as a result of Missouri’s stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Seeing that many families were impacted financially, the Board of Education used the additional time to work with community groups in order to make Prop E even more fiscally responsible for the future. 

In a resolution passed on May 5th, the Board of Education made a commitment to use funds from Prop E to incorporate the early childhood center into one of the elementary buildings. In doing so, the Board anticipates educational benefits to students while reducing the district’s overall footprint from four sites to three. This would allow for greater financial flexibility in the future and allow the district to react to global challenges like COVID-19. This would still provide two K-5 neighborhood elementary schools for the district while addressing the accessibility, safety, infrastructure, and learning space needs at both buildings.

The resolution helped bridge the divide between two community groups: one that wanted to maintain two neighborhood schools and one that wanted to reduce the district’s overall footprint. This compromise helped pass the bond issue.

With the passage of Prop E, the district now turns its attention to working with the community on designing a renovated Mark Twain Elementary and new McGrath Elementary that will serve the needs of students, families, staff, and the community. Additionally, we will be working with early childhood families to ensure the new facilities meet the needs of our youngest learners and can help the early childhood program continue to grow. 

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Founded in 1920, the Brentwood School District is a highly rated, award winning public school district serving the Brentwood community in St. Louis County, Missouri. 

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