Update – 5/29/2020

Construction in the Middle and High School is continuing. Here are some of the current projects taking place throughout the buildings:

  • Building A: new sprinkler system is being prepared throughout the corridors. Demolition of selected classrooms continues along with finishing of renovated rooms. Plumbing and electrical rough-in continues throughout the building.
  • In the new building, structural steel and framing continues while the roof deck is being distributed. Two masonry walls are topped out and brick masonry is started.
  • Building B: FACS room is well on its way and lower level framing has started. HVAC work continues throughout and electrical switch over will begin weekend of 5/30.
  • Building C: Taping and finishing underway; electrical trim out taking place; HVAC installation taking place.

For the latest news and information, please follow the district on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @BrentwoodMOSD.


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