Project Recap

With the end of third quarter rapidly approaching, we are pleased with the progress of construction throughout the middle and high school. At this point, there are several areas that have been completed or are nearing completion. Here’s a brief overview of the work so far:

  • Cafeteria: The new cafeteria has been open for use since the fall. In addition to modern equipment and serving lines, the atmosphere has been upgraded to provide students with easier access to healthy lunch choices while reducing food waste.  
  • Band Room: Reopened for students in the fall, the new, open space concept band room provides a large, comfortable space for students to practice. 
  • Large Gym: Complete with new bleachers and scoreboard, the large gymnasium is open and capable of providing a quality experience for PE students, athletes, and the community! Please visit one of our games to see the amazing changes for yourself!
  • Mezzanine / Wrestling Room: The wrestling team will now have an enclosed space to practice that will feature a new resin floor that provides a safe and comfortable practice area. A drop-down batting cage will also be installed so that batting practice can take place indoors in the future. 
  • 3rd Floor Science and STEM Labs: These state of the art classrooms are nearly ready to be occupied by students! This space will house the new biology, chemistry, physics, and multipurpose science lab classrooms and storage areas, providing a modern scientific learning environment to help keep students competitive. 
  • Commons Construction: Excavation is complete for the new commons/library area and the foundation is currently being constructed. This addition to the building will provide meeting spaces and common areas for students during the day as well as for the community outside of school hours. 
  • Other Updates: A lot of work has been taking place behind the scenes to make the building more energy efficient and comfortable. Repairs to plumbing, insulation, HVAC, and electrical are occurring throughout the building. 

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