Update – 11/8/2019

Great progress is being made on the third floor STEM labs! The former library space is quickly transforming into a cutting edge education facility. As construction teams continue to finalize the space, here are a few things we’re looking forward to about the new labs:

  • Multipurpose Lab – This large space will allow for long term experiments and special lectures and activities related to science, technology, engineering, and math. This will also be a great flex space when needed. 
  • Lab Prep and Storage Rooms – Each class (biology, physics, and chemistry) will be equipped with on site storage and prep space so that educators are able to get ready for each class more quickly and efficiently.
  • Custom Cabinetry and Design – The lab spaces will be fully equipped with custom cabinets and furniture to meet the demands of modern STEM learning
Prop B STEM lab conceptual rendering
STEM Lab Conceptual Rendering

For the latest, be sure to visit www.brentwoodblog.org for updates, news, and information related to construction.


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