Prop B Timeline

For a recap and timeline of major project milestones, please visit the “Project Timeline” link in the menu located in the top right corner or by clicking the link below.

Major Project Milestones
Major Project Milestones

Below is a list of highlights included on the timeline.


  • September 2019:
    • As construction moves throughout the campus, additional parking spaces along High School Drive at White Avenue are anticipated to open by the end of September 2019.
  • Late October/Early November 2019:
      One of the priorities for Fall 2019 is completion of the gymnasium. As soon as floors are installed and sealed, students will have access to this space for practices and PE classes. To finalize the gym, new bleachers, signage, locker rooms, and scoreboards will be installed.

      BAND ROOM:
      The band room may be completed for student use by the end of October, pending installation of acoustic paneling.

      While construction will still be taking place, the major excavation for the new commons/library space will be complete in Fall 2019.
  • January 2020:
    • Depending on several factors, we hope to have the building c restrooms open and fully operational by the start of second semester in January 2020.
  • 2019 – 2020 School Year:
    • One of the major components to the construction at the Middle and High School will be upgraded classroom and learning spaces for students. In addition to providing much needed updates to make classes more comfortable for students and staff, the construction will create new science labs. These lab spaces will allow students to face the rigor of science education with the tools and support they need in order to be successful.
  • Summer 2020:
    • A completely new commons and library space will provide students with ample room to study, meet for clubs, and collaborate on projects. Additionally, the space will be available to the community for use after-school hours for meeting rooms or community events.

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