See the New Cafeteria!

We are excited to highlight our new Middle/High School cafeteria! In addition to providing a more comfortable place for students, the cafeteria itself has several new upgrades, including:

  • New station line up that includes a deli bar (opening soon) offering custom sandwiches and a floating salad bar (now open) where fruit and veggie sides are offered. 
  • The fruit and veggie cold bar provides many additional benefits. We will significantly reduce our plastic waste by not individually cupping all fruits and vegetables while also providing a much cleaner and more pleasing look to our fruit and vegetable options. Students are already taking vegetables more frequently than in the past. Greater acceptance of food items reduces food waste/carbon footprint and saves the district money. Reduced plastic waste also supports these benefits.
  • A la carte sales (snacks and bottled beverages) will be available for sale very soon. 
  • The new deli bar includes an oven that will allow for toasted sandwiches. This feature will be available once the deli line is established.
  • New open concept serving lines allow students to move around freely to view offerings at various stations instead of getting stuck in one line without seeing other options.
  • All of our grilled sandwiches are now pre-assembled, wrapped, and self serve.  This will make line flow at one of our most popular stations significantly faster.  

“We are incredibly pleased with our new cafeteria,” said Julie Parrish, Food Service Director for Chartwells. “The new serving area is gorgeous with features that make students feel more at home. We have installed several self service features to give students ease in access to their favorite items and increase the speed of line flow through the cafe.”

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