Community Athletics Information

With the fall athletics season upon us, we wanted to provide our community with details on how we are managing student practices and home games during construction and renovation at Brentwood High School. For visitors to our games, the experience will look and feel almost the same as it always has. Some logistical changes need to be made for visiting teams and officials, but we have fully communicated those plans and are ready for our first home football game on August 30, 2019.

Here are a few of the changes our community can expect this upcoming season:

  • Entrance to home games on the Brentwood High track and field will still be on White and Moritz Avenues. However, along White Ave, the entrance will be along the southwest side with the ramp rather than the southeast side with the stairs. Similarly, those entering from the north with enter from the Moritz gate rather than the breezeway.
    • Please note that these changes will be permanent. Not only do they make it easier during construction, they will better assist with visitor control even after construction is complete.
  • Once the parking spaces at the Middle/High School campus are filled,  we suggest utilizing parking at McGrath Elementary along High School Drive and in the McGrath lot on St. Clair Avenue. These spaces are just a short walk away from the field and do not inhibit members of our community.
  • Practices are still taking place for teams to provide consistent training for our athletes. Some of our teams, such as volleyball, are utilizing other spaces throughout the district or in the community while the gym is under construction.
  • Softball, Field Hockey, Soccer, and Football games will be almost completely identical to what the community is used to in the past. However, it is unlikely that we will be able to host any home Volleyball games this season. 
  • One of the main priorities for the construction teams is to install and prepare the new gym floor. Doing so will provide us with additional space to assist with practices, PE classes, and home games. We expect the floor to be installed and usable before the end of the first semester.
Conceptual Rendering of Updated Gymnasium
Conceptual Rendering of Updated Gymnasium

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